Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Whassup blogsters? Well I'll tell ya what's up wid me. I have already penciled pg#4 of my new comic SUPER GROOVY MAN. I am getting real excited about this one! Yeah, yeah I know...what about issue #2 of ZOMBIE BOY? A funny thing... Ya see, I have come up against a brick wall with that, and rather than beat myself endlessly over the head, and spinning my wheels in "non-productive mode" I have decided to vent my artistic frustrations in a totally new direction by doing a coffee break comic featuring a superhero, ( my very first ) who is going to give voice to the many ideas ping-ponging their way around my head and stopping up the old ZOMBIE BOY flow.'s like this here, ZOMBIE BOY, MONSTER DISCO, and even DISCO TALES, have all dealt with more of the humor, and horror side of comics. I have been thinking since last summer of doing a Superhero character who is sort of every guy, but through the power of self discipline, fervor, and actualization, tap's into powers which are latent in all of us, yet precious few ever apply.

In other words, ....anyone could be SUPER GROOVY MAN. His powers are not unattainable, they just require a journey which few are inclined to take. What started him on the path to this journey? Well, initially it was for the love of a girl, but he quickly realized, ( through the auspices and guidance of a friendly bookseller ) that he was but an empty vessel, waiting to be filled.

How did he fill his vessel? ( boy guys ask good questions! ) Well since he was empty, and not very well read on topics of self improvement, he began his journey of attainment by discovering an interest in comicbooks.

SUPER GROOVY MAN is for any one of us who ever had the childhood experience of reading a comic and wondered: " What if ? " What if I could gain super powers? What if I were super smart? What if I were super strong? What if I had a divine path to follow?.... What if?
Of course, the adventures of SUPER GROOVY MAN are set against the backdrop of the year 1976, ( where all my fondest fantasies dwell ) and this only serves to make it all the more nostalgic, fun, and a little weirdly believable. It also gives me a reason to groove on my old 70's albums when I ink the sucker!

I know everyone will enjoy SUPER GROOVY MAN, I had alot of fun this past weekend at the COMICBOOK SHOW in Nashua NH, showing the rough copies to the whole gang and touting it as " The small-press sensation of the summer of '07 " Yeah that sure brought some funny stares! Seriously though....although many will think it an attempt at humor, and pure nostalgia, it actually has a very important message to send to any of us who has ever read a comic and wondered ..." What if? " , and be honest, who among us hasn't?

Peace out, comicbook cat's and doggie-dog's.