Thursday, July 31, 2008


Zap, crackle, pop!.... why just look kookie kiddos. It is the latest ZB boy page! Are you shocked at the frequency Hmmmm? Well I am.


Friday, July 25, 2008



That is all the time I had available to me on Thursday. Finding myself with such a small window it seemed a little silly to try to tackle an entire comicbook page. "I'll wait until I have a larger space to work." I could have said, ( and have before ) " The work looks better if it comes out as a steady stream.", can we say BS?

So there I sat. Blank page in hand, and fingers flying madly. Creativity flowed, thunder clapped, ( litteraly... it rained buckets yesterday ) and I didn't think, I didn't mull... I just worked the page. Two hours later I was forced to stop. I stood up, and looked finally at the piece as a whole, surprised, and impressed with how much was there. I know I will need to go in with at least another two hours, or more of touch up, but all the basic elements are there.

There is a valuable lesson in all of this. Mainly to not be so dismissive about short time spans, as opportunities. Space is another issue. It is easy to say to yourself, "Hey.. why bother I am not in my studio now, so it probably won't be any good." I did this with a sheet of copy paper, a two sided sharpie, a pencil, a 6" wooden ruler, and a pen. The conditions were less than ideal. I had an uncomfortable chair, poor lighting conditions, it was humid, and my drawing surface was an old clipboard propped up on my knee.

Nevertheless, just 120 minutes later my story had moved forward another leap. Call it shlock-art if it makes you feel superior. I call it progress.

Peace, my doggies~

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Whoa..... we seem to be traveling backward a weensy bit in the ZB story. Here is another page that falls just behind, ( or is it two pages behind.... haven't quite decided yet ) from the page I showed you early peepers last time. See.... this is just the convoluted way I go about creating my Zombie boy stories. Even I don't know just how, or where, the story is going just yet. I get an idea, like... some bad guy doctor is trying to control ZB's mind, and I sorta run with it for awhile til it takes shape. Meanwhile... I plug in images, and such front and back of the original page until it all starts to gel into a story. Crazy?? .... yes, I know, but that is what happened with the first ZB story, and just look at what a hit that turned out to be! Any-hoo... If you compare this page with the previous post you will see it makes sense... ( sorta ).

I don't know, ( nor does anyone else at this point ) just how the dialouge will all shake out to tie the two pages together, but that is, ( for me anyway ) exactly what lends excitement, and motivation to it. Ya see.... I am as anxious as you oh, residents of geek-land, to find out just what is going to happen next.

Keep your optics open~

Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello hapless hungries of horror....
Perhaps the eldest among you remember this eclectic enterprise begining with an undead do-gooder name of ZOMBIE BOY? The handsome, ( yet slightly rotting ) youth is roaming the streets again pondering the premise of his newest exploits in issue#3. Here we see him under the influence of a mendacious, and maniacal medicino who has outfitted our poor lad with a mod looking mind control wristwatch. Will our hero be swayed to sinister doings in such a state?
Stay ever alert faithful ones. More is yet to come.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


oH-OH... it looks like zat sh-neeky Adolf is up to his tricks again! Zis is not looking too goot fer das koo-coo Amerikkaners~

Just a silly WWII summertime practice page I thought you geekophiles might take a gander at if your not too busy at the beaches.

Have a groovy summer~