Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Okay there is just no way I am going to top yesterdays guys know that don't you? I mean c'mon that sucker took like 30 hours! I'm gonna need at least 24 more to crank out something even half-way as good. ha-ha

Fortunately Ron Fortier sent me a sneek peek at what my illo will look like when it's being passed out as promotional give-aways. Graphic artist Anthony Schiavino did a great job with the text. I thought that since I have been showing you the evolution of this piece from the very first raw pencils, ( see earlier posts ) that it would only be fair to show you the final end use version as well.

Have a great day everybody...I'm going to start working on the inside of the book now....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Break out the cigars blogger beatnik's! The long awaited final version of Professor Stone is finally finished!! This piece was by far, the most time consuming single page I ever worked on! Counting the pencils, the color tests, the corrections, finished pencil, and the actual painting I figure I got at least 30 hours in this bad boy! And he is a bad boy too! Don't he look super cool getting ready to plunge his little dagger into that malicious, murdering, mummy?

It was a lot of fun, and a big challenge doing this, I'm not much of a painter by trade, ( more of a pen and ink guy ) so I had my share of doubts going in to this. The powers that be seem very satisfied however, so if their happy....I'm happy!

I did just think a horrid thought however......

What will I have to post tomorrow to top this?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


All the World loves a clown right? No....not true, in fact some people are down right terrified of the foolish fellows who wear the wig's and floppy shoes. A recent discussion of this with a friend has inspired me to do a series of scary clowns, which I hope you will enjoy.

Summer ends in a few short weeks, and I have a mountain of projects to get cooking on, but every artist needs a little warm up now and then so don't be surprised if, in between the serious illustration to come, the occasional scary clown pop's up quite unexpectedly!

Some of you have written to express concern about my lack of output the last two months, however what many of you don't realize is that I typically seldom draw at all during the months of July and August. Let's just call it a seasonal hangup of mine and leave it at that. In fact.... I have done more drawing this Summer than any summer I can ever remember! So never fear friends....Summer is over! Mitch is back at the drawing board once again!

I would like to dedicate tonight's post to my Mom who always encouraged my artistic nature, Mom...I got you a belated clown for your birthday, ( sorry he is a scary looking fellow ) ha-ha

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Hey blogger bud's! So sorry for the infrequent posts lately...I'm way too busy enjoying summer. One fun thing I did recently was go to the beach with my Sissy, and her two kiddos! The water was incredible that day and I caught several way cool waves. After my icy dip, I climbed back on shore and sat for a chat with my ittsy bittsy six year old nephew.

"Unka Mike...." he said, "Ummmm was you gunna dwaw sumpin today?"

"Sure buddy !", I said.."You know I always draw wherever I go." Then I pulled out my ever trusty kit.

My little nephew watched intently as I did the BATMAN cover sketch shown here. I know it's barely visible, but I feel it is always fun to see artists raw first impression type sketches once in awhile, so I thought I'd overcome my embarrassment and show it to you guys.

A day or so later My Sissy brings little nephew over for a whole afternoon of drawing lessons. We talked about what he wanted to do, and decided we would spend the day , (each of us) practicing examples from the book oft referred to as the Comicbook artists bible : HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE MARVEL WAY.

Little neph' really spent a good deal of time on his spidy drawing, (shown here w/ inset of actual example from book) and I think for six years old he shows truly amazing potential. Good job buddy.

I just want to take a minute to remind all you artist types from all walks of life, how important it is to share your love of art with children. Giving them this new way of looking at the world will be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Summers been so busy, and fun...but it's soon back to business for us all. I want to dedicate tonight's post to my new friend Michelle, who loves Children...loves Batman, and who also is the biggest Joker I know! Have a safe end of summer trip Michelle, and don't forget to check the blog.