Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Break out the cigars blogger beatnik's! The long awaited final version of Professor Stone is finally finished!! This piece was by far, the most time consuming single page I ever worked on! Counting the pencils, the color tests, the corrections, finished pencil, and the actual painting I figure I got at least 30 hours in this bad boy! And he is a bad boy too! Don't he look super cool getting ready to plunge his little dagger into that malicious, murdering, mummy?

It was a lot of fun, and a big challenge doing this, I'm not much of a painter by trade, ( more of a pen and ink guy ) so I had my share of doubts going in to this. The powers that be seem very satisfied however, so if their happy....I'm happy!

I did just think a horrid thought however......

What will I have to post tomorrow to top this?


Megan said...

I do prisamcolor and that takes a long time. But the comic process,penciling, and inking plus coloring.
But it must be fun then it's like a coloring book you made and you fill in the blanks.
Wow all those colors must be super art markers or something. I don't know how you could mix the colors and overlap it.
Intoresting contrast between the prismacolor drawings I do.
It gives inspiration.
Wow that one is amazing I really like it. I never thought markers could make an effect like that!

Colin Tedford said...

Michael, that's a fantastic-looking painting there! Congrats on the illo work! I'd been steering clear for a bit b/c even non-scary clowns are kind of repellant to me (though your clowns are very well-drawn).