Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yes dear friends... you too, can enjoy the fun and excitement of making your very own comicbooks... it's fun and easy if you know how. First you will need a few things: paper, pencils, pens, brushes, erasers, a ruler, and a jar of white opaque. Next you will need decades of learning art principals gained by struggling to lamely copy artists light years ahead of your skill level. You will also need a determination to continue despite multitudes of friends and family who fail to fully grasp your passion. Finally you must have a limitless imagination that can provide you all the ideas you will need whenever, wherever, on demand 24-7. As long as you can find a clean, comfortable place to work quietly and uninterrupted for several hours... your in business! So get started friends....IT'S SO EASY!

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Hello groovy fans.  Today we see our old friend SUPER GROOVY MAN just about loosing his marbles. We usually see a calm, and serene SGM... could this be the after effects of the Karma ray he was recently exposed to by the Zendarian Ambassador?  We shall have to wait and see kiddies.

 P.S. This one is for my Dad who always encouraged me to keep drawing my comics.