Thursday, October 16, 2008


I know it's quite a switcheroo from last nights post, but tonight's ominous offering provides nothing less than the motivation for the entire rest of the issue. That is correct, oh fearsome faithful, our raging romeo, ( in his real life role of the undead Robbie Butler ) just cannot leave his former fem fatale' alone for very long. He is obsessed with winning her back into those happier days of yore before he became the rotting corpse that stands before her today. Alas... what pretty teen girl in undies could ever hope to make it with a smelly sack of decomposure like our ol' fiend ZB? She gently scorns his advances, which in turn propels him into the lab of our bald protagonist for assistance in rejuvenating his once handsome countenance. Of course the good doctor sees only opportunity in having complete control of an unable-to-die ally at his wicked summoning. Oooooooo this is turning into a real twisted tale ehh,  comic fans?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Greetings groovy ghoulies, I managed to bang out the splash page for my new ZB comic today, and I couldn't resist "treating" all you tricksters to a terrible taste.  The yolk is on you, however, on account of none of the previously purloined pages have one iota of insufferable dialogue to let you know just what the tale entails! Truth is, faithful fiends, not even I, the horrific host of this Hallow'eve honorarium, have a single solitary clue either.  Yupp... you guessed it, The solemn saga has yet to be written on this creepy crafty-werk.  I pretty much am making it all up as I ramble along from page to putrid page.  I am only one parchment away from the mid-journey with this splash page however, and I am starting to gel a tale that will rock you rotten reprobates in true Zombie Boy fashion.  Please stay tuned fright fans, the best, ( or worst ) is still..... yet to come!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Looks like our ever-rotting Romeo has gotten himself in a bit of a bind with the local boys in blue.... why, there is just never any knowing what our little fiend will get mixed up in next. Pray to the great pumpkin he finds the straight and narrow soon ~  Hey... and don't forget to check out the comic-con in Portland Sunday.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Hey there horrible hombres, new Zombie Boy page. Dig it. More to come... get your trick-or-treat bags ready.

Peace to all~