Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Hey gang! Here I am back to show off a snazzy new illo for the Proffessor Stone book. Well....what do you think? I did like about 20 pencil sketches trying different compositions before I finally settled on this one. For some odd reason no matter how I tried to set up the shot I just kept coming up with other layouts that looked a little better. This one I like as it has Stone looking a little more " heroic" than some of the other arrangements I trashed. Another change was moving the Prof.s submirsible seaplane the " MERMAID" to the left of the page instead of on the right where the original sketch showed it. In my mind this sets up a nice viewing triangle.

Artists....Pftt! What a kooky bunch we are....huh?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

TO MOTHER FROM TWO BROTHERS you are all sworn to secrecy. This is a Christmas portrait I did for my co-worker Steve. He is planning on giving it as a gift to his Mom on December 25th. Now none of you can ruin the surprise okay? I told Steve I would like to put it on my blog "after" the holidays, but he insisted it would be perfectly fine to go ahead and splash it up here now.

Actually I'm kinda glad he allowed me to do this on account of I think it is one of the better portraits I've done this year. I have some others to show you in the coming weeks so stay tuned, and stay merry.

Happy Holidays everyone!