Saturday, April 25, 2009


Just a little warm weather weekend post to keep me on my tippy-toes. This here is a silly little scribble that started as a practice page. I have been checking out a bunch of retro comic art scans, ( shout-outs to THOIA and Pappy, as well as WALLYWOOD ) all great stuff that can really get your 1950's art roots percolating, and that is just what happened too! I was sitting in Borders killing some ticks of the clock, sose I pull's out my art kit, ( always wid me ) ans I draws up a page. Here of which is two, ( count em ) two panels for ya ta gander.

Happy hunting blogg-uns!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Greetings geeks, and gore-ophiles! Here is a sneeky peek of the new ZB cover. I had a real productive couple of day's art-wise, and I am feeling pretty good heading into con season. It sure has been a long time getting this issue off the ground, ( see July 2008 post ) but hey... this is just a hobby for me, and sometimes life directs our attention elsewhere... know whata mean jelly bean? Cuss ya do!

Anyway... lame excuses aside it is finally dragging it's zombified pages in the direction of the printer, and I couldn't be a happier Papa. Yes sir... that's my boy.