Saturday, April 28, 2012

NO MORE LOOSE ENDS.... or flakey dandruff

Utz happenin' homies? Tis' I yer twisted teller of tantalizing tales returning to show you some more of my latest clean up efforts.  As mentioned previously I have been working hard to tidy up all the loose ends of the three books I have ready for publishing.  Just a little more coloring here, some lettering there, and maybe three blank pages to fill up.  Awwwww..... who am I trying to kid itza lotta work!!!

Nevertheless, I am really enjoying it, and I can't wait to set up at comic book shows this fall and hawk my wares.  I hope to see some of you hepper of the hep cats there helping me out with a purchase or two... or three even!

Check out Dr. Tse in the middle right panel of the left hand page up there.... No Dandruff on that cue ball.

Monday, April 02, 2012


I mentioned I would be finishing up some older material I have neglected far too long! Here then is some more color gore, ( from days of yore ) work from the mountainous back-log of pages yet to be finished before the fall con season. I banged out these colors on April fools day, whilst awaiting an auto inspection. Think of it... me,... a grown up type humanoid sitting there coloring while the grease monkeys tinkered with my auto! Hoo-ha!!! Until the next posting... my fine, frenzied, friends of all things freakish :)