Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Holy Cat's ! Super Groovy Man is being blasted by the cone head aliens from Zenar 7 ! Their leader, Klatok, has just unloaded a blast from the dreaded new weapon he calls: THE KARMA RAY. Can SG break through the wall of confusion and meditate his way back to his positive energy flow?

What is all this anyway? So glad you asked... it is just some busy brainstorming on what is sure to be the best Mitchell comic yet SUPER GROOVY MAN. This is just another doodle page really, but I am having so much fun with these I might use it for a mini-four page serial in the back of the book.

Say...where is everybody? It's as empty as a tomb around here....

Is all you all gone to conventions?

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Here is a finished page to give everyone an idea of what SUPER GROOVY MAN will be like when it's finally in the bag. This page isn't going in the book, it's just sort of sumpin I was messing around with at work one day. It does give you a little flavor for the style and themes however.

Give me a shout if your having a groovy summer~