Monday, December 29, 2008


Post holiday happies to you all, here is another panel. Hope you dig it. Say... I sure do a bunch of yacking around here about my comics and such, but ya wanna know what occurs to me? Well I'll tell you anyways.... I was figuring that since all you cool kids out there are geeks like me, that you must surely have snagged yourself some geek like treasure over the holidays....right? I sure would like to hear what you got.

My geeky girlfriend, and very bestus buddy got me a boxed set of the graphic novel, MAUS by Art Spieglman. My youngest son got me a DVD copy of MARS ATTACKS, and my oldest boy got me BAT MANGA by Chip Kidd

What did Santa bring you kiddies out there in TV land... Hmmmmm??

Saturday, December 20, 2008

OUR PANEL SAID..... fright fans! The Christ-messy season is upon us~ In between coping with ice storms, record snowfalls, and avoiding being trampled at Wally world, I have actually been making steady progress on my comic.
The very latest is that I have only two pages left to draw, and ink. I have been putting final touches and lettering on many of the finished pages, and it looks like I will be on track for a mid winter printing.
"Hey dude.... why we no see pages Man?" You might say.
Well... nifty little story there: See recently I was going over the pages with my very bestus friend and we were discussing how close to completion it was, and how exciting that is. We were discussing that to blog anymore from here would be the equivalent of giving away the entire comic for free, and could impact sales. A very good point! Still..... me being me, I wanted to blog my progress for all you fearsome followers out there... ( all four of you ), so finally we hit upon a diabolical plan.
From here out I will show only isolated panels. MU-ha-haa-wha-ha-haaaaaa! INGENIOUS!
One more bit of info from the main offices of Mitchell Comics... I have decided to paint the cover. Yes you heard me...PAINT! It will be in the classic pulp style with the retro flavor of some of those great Gold Key comics of the 70's ( Ripleys ghost stories, Star Trek, Magnus, etc... ) Oh I cannot wait to get crack'n! The cover by the by, I will indeed post. In fact I will be hounding each and every one of you to post it on your sites, your blogs, your gym locker, your neighbors car... anywhere you might think it could lead to a sale.
Well... that's it for now Santas helpers.
Peace on Earth and all that good stuff~

Monday, December 08, 2008


Greetings gore-lovers! Here is yet another "sketchy" post from your hard working hatchling. What pre-pubesent, angst filled teen wouldn't appreciate this page of our terror bound teen hero ZB going a round or two with his very own old man. That's right... here we see our thought controlled Ronnie kicking the snot out of his own flesh and blood Daddy. The senior Butler eventually get's the better of Junior by slipping the mind control watch from his wrist, and then the stage is set for retaliation against Dr. Tse and his dungeon of doom. I really didn't expect to have the space to do this page today, but all the stars aligned to make it happen. I really feel good about it too. I am generally not much for fight scenes but, I really think I nailed this one. Only four frightful pages until the initial art is complete. Then comes the finishing, the lettering, the publishing.... hooo.... baby steps, baby steps.

At least I am one step closer, ......and for today that will have to be cool enough.

Chill dogs~

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Greetings o' hoary hosts of holiday hobgoblins!
Ti's I your horrible hombre here to offer up an as yet woefully undigested post-Thanksgiving morsel. The precious pilgrimy feasting was so-ooo fab it kept me away from the drawing board a fortnight or more, and thankfully so. Having some much deserved down time gave me the distance I needed from my new issue to put some sceneage into it's proper perspective. The result is this awesome new page. Well.... that is to say it is going to be awesome, right now it is a minor scribble. In fact... if you kooky kiddies out there can make hide or hair of this frenetic scrap of parchment you got mad skills in the imagination station... know what I mean? No?.... oh well. Enjoy, ....or just sit there and scratch your head.... t-th- that's okay too then.