Sunday, November 29, 2009


Those of you who know anything about me, know for certain that on any given day I can be relied upon to interupt one thing, and say: " Hey... check out this entirely different thing over here!" It's just part of my weird nefarious charm :) Any-hoo.... I was organizing a few things in my studio before beddie-bye last evening, when the dust and spiders scattered to reveal this little spooky tidbit I did quite some time ago. My brain said: " Hey.... check this out, I don't think I've ever bloged this piece before, so I checked, and sure enough I haven't.

So here it is guy's and ghouls.... a little bit of random geekery from Uncle Muck.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Attention! All crew members man your battle stations....THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!

I was going to finish and post this page after the upcoming holiday, but instead I figured I would give all you Thanksgiving turkeys a treat, and post it post haste. I know I enjoy seeing the rough stages of work someone else has done, so I'm guessing you guys might too. It's only half a page because .... well, I gotta have some secrets right?

Most of you regulars know this by now, but for the newly converted I'll toss out once again that I work at (regular) comicbook size. That's a page area of 6"x10" folks! Not to toot my own whistle, but I'm pretty happy with the level of detail I am starting to get from a two and one half inch square panel like the two above. If you revisit some of my earlier posts from a few years back you will see this has been a long time getting to this level.

Enjoy the Birds, and pass the Stuffin' !

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Hello fellow sea monkeys.  Just posting the latest installment.  I think this page is far from perfect, but there are certain elements that give me the warm fuzzies.  I think the top left panel, ( see larger scan below ) has a sort of Scooby-Doo color scheme thing goin on, and the bottom panel background really reminds me of some of the actual background I saw aboard the USS ALBACORE in Portsmouth NH.  I'm going for that whole GOLD KEY and CHARLTON comics kind of feel, and I think it really shows in this page.