Saturday, November 07, 2009


Hello fellow sea monkeys.  Just posting the latest installment.  I think this page is far from perfect, but there are certain elements that give me the warm fuzzies.  I think the top left panel, ( see larger scan below ) has a sort of Scooby-Doo color scheme thing goin on, and the bottom panel background really reminds me of some of the actual background I saw aboard the USS ALBACORE in Portsmouth NH.  I'm going for that whole GOLD KEY and CHARLTON comics kind of feel, and I think it really shows in this page.


Anonymous said...

Mike, that really does have that Gold Key look to it. Well done. It's interesting how comic book companies can have different looks to them. It brings back the memories.

Ron Fortier said...

Nice touch, Mitch. We just visited the USS Albacore again this past summer. I always get a charge going through that sub and trying to imagine those brave sailors who served on her in WW II. Great job, pages are coming along great.

Mike Mitchell said...

Hey thanks for the kind words gentleman! It's nice to see your faces again...stay tuned I hope to have another page up ( post turkey day).

Don't know about you fella's, but I've gone back to blogging more, the whole FACEBOOK thing has really lost it's shine. I'll continue to check in with FB, but surfing comic blogs just seems to provide more inspiration.