Sunday, January 31, 2010


I spent the weekend in grand geek style. I watched an old horror movie, ( after pizza and wine ) colored the final page of my comic, ( seen above ) visited a comic shop I never went to before,( Chris' comics of Hampton NH ) where I bought a butt load of classic comics for not much $$$... AND to top it all off I visited a flea market where I bought a real life submarine officers cap and belt for REAL cheap, ( I'm talkin' way low bucks here folks ) WoW! The hat I intend on wearing as I hawk this puppy upon it's completion.... so LOOK for me at all the spring/summer cons!

I sure had a fantabulous time! I hope all you hepped up hombre's made the most of your wacky weekends. Until next time cats and kitties, stay loose.... ( er, um.... but not TOO loose ) like, I wouldn't want anyone to come unwound or nuttin'

Peace Ya'll~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh how the wheels are spinning now my friends.... Thicker-er, and thicker-er the plot, um.... well, THICKENS. Just a few pages left, some clean-up, a dash of coloring, and a pinch of lettering, and this comic will be sent to the press room. February vacation is looming ever closer, and the goal at hand is to finish as much as possible of this retro beauty by then.
I sure hope all you monsters from Maine to Malibu are keeping your little tootsies toasty during this cold snap we're having...Br-rrrrr! I myself have broken out the sun screen, beach towels, ect, and I'm heading off to the trusty time machine, ( my studio ) for a trip back to poolside circa summer of '76.
Boogie on bro-beasties~