Sunday, January 31, 2010


I spent the weekend in grand geek style. I watched an old horror movie, ( after pizza and wine ) colored the final page of my comic, ( seen above ) visited a comic shop I never went to before,( Chris' comics of Hampton NH ) where I bought a butt load of classic comics for not much $$$... AND to top it all off I visited a flea market where I bought a real life submarine officers cap and belt for REAL cheap, ( I'm talkin' way low bucks here folks ) WoW! The hat I intend on wearing as I hawk this puppy upon it's completion.... so LOOK for me at all the spring/summer cons!

I sure had a fantabulous time! I hope all you hepped up hombre's made the most of your wacky weekends. Until next time cats and kitties, stay loose.... ( er, um.... but not TOO loose ) like, I wouldn't want anyone to come unwound or nuttin'

Peace Ya'll~

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