Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hello you zany zombie fans out there!  I post for your putrid perusal the pages posthumously pasted above. In fevered, frenzied, fright, I fastidiously fashioned, and fetid the scurrilous scrap of foolscap above until it seemed sufficiently palatable enough to pique your morbid curiosity.  Please enjoy your summer dear fiends, ....and enjoy your comics too!

Friday, June 22, 2012


At last the long awaited cover of SUPER GROOVY MAN is finished!  This book has always been sort of a "pet" project of mine, one that I have not always been that serious about.  I always viewed SGM as sort of a side project, a catch all, a practice run if you will.  SGM was the comic I started and never finished. The wind just never hit the sails on this little baby, and so.... it languished in the backwaters of my mind for several years.  The cover you see above was penciled in the summer of 07, it was partially inked in 2010, and just completed today.

I guess because it was sort of a "summer project" of a comic, one that I would only pull out on "dog days" when I wanted to draw, but wasn't sure what to do.... I guess for that reason... the pages of SGM hold many special memories for me.  I always get excited when I finish a cover for one of my books.  Having a completed cover to look at makes it easier to visualize seeing the book on the stands some day, and thus starts the journey from mere concept towards solid reality.

Maybe that is why I am so happy about this cover.  At long last the journey is over..... SUPER GROOVY MAN has arrived!

Dig it y'all......... peace.