Friday, April 22, 2011


OKAY, okay, ok..... Even an ultra cool, totally enlightened, harmonic hero, like our SUPER GROOVY MAN can lose his cool once in awhile. Here 'Ol groove is just really having a flip out on accounta he needs to focus his chi power, align a few shakras, or metabolate, meditate ( or sumpin like that ) and everybody keeps buggin him!!! Whether it comes from the Mayor, to his young friend Mike, or over to his best goomba Tony, everybody is getting on his nerves!

Ahhhh well. It happens sometimes. See I just don't believe that anyone, anyone who is even one tenth human can keep their cool all the time... I mean Jesus.... no, literally Jesus dudes.... even he flipped his lid.... remember him turning over the tables in the temple??? That dude was ripped!

Anyway... I wanted to show that even though he mostly keeps his cool even our hero can have some cheese slippin off his cracker now and again.

Totally changing the subject now for a moment... did you know that in the development of the character Tony, it was decided that he is bald, but wears a toupee to make him appear more like his movie idol Charles Bronson. He is very self conscious about being bald, and thinks the chicks will dig him more if he looks like Bronson. I don't know why..... but that kind of vanity cracks me up :)

Peace Pals n' Gals.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hurrah, hurray, hurah.... step right up! Witness the exciting, the amazing, the most death defying spectecal ever performed under the big top. Looks as though our hapless hero SUPER GROOVY MAN is being put to the test way back in those bygone days before he fully developed all his powers. Yes dear readers this is one of those most cherished of all comic book traditions, known as the " Flashback" or also in this case... " an ORIGIN story."

I can't post too much more about this page just now, but I am trying to do better with posting my blog, and keeping up with my out put, so I thought you might like to take a little groovy gander. Stay awake, and alert out there Kat's and Kiddies... and uh.... Oh Ya..... Never, Ever, play wiff guns!


Friday, April 01, 2011


Happy April 1st Hooligans! Tis a foin, foin day too. I have just been so chillaxed here in Mitchell Studios South. Not so chill that I couldn't pull it together and pump out a little pulse pounding page for my peeps. It's nice how quickly the pages have been coming lately....HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!