Monday, December 02, 2013


Attention all crewmen... engines ahead full, all hands report to battle stations, prepare forward torpedoes one and two! This is the Captain speaking!!!  Nurse O'Brien and I are holding the cover of issue #2 in our hands.  We have engaged our competitors with issue #1 and defeated them soundly. With your help we can achieve even greater success with issue #2. That is all crewman... go about your business... remember your loyalties.... God speed Gentleman.... ( ahem ) and Lady.

Friday, November 08, 2013


Greetings oh gracious friends, fiends, and spurious supporters! After a somewhat unexplainable absence I have returned to inform you, that I have finished my comic ZOMBIE SUB-920 at long last! Copies are now available at Coast city comicon in Portland Maine this weekend, ( Nov 9th-10th ), and also at DOUBLE MIDNIGHT COMICS in Concord NH on Nov 30th. You can also try my email, or message me here if you really, really, want one... sheesh... filthy beggars!!!  Just kidding... we love support of all kinds.... even filthy beggars.... umm... like yourselves... THE END.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Paleolithic pleasantries to all you cool cave cats, and cave kittens out there.  I missed a couple of months posting, but sometimes life just demands we focus on the things that really matter... like family... can you dig it?

Like I was say'n... I missed a couple months sure, but that don't mean I stopped fiddilin' with the brush and ink.... no sir-ree Bob.  Your 'ol Uncle Mitchy has been doing a Page for the CHARLTON ARROW a publication by my friend FESTER FACEPLANT.  The ARROW is a publication dedicated to all the things people know and love about Charlton publications.  That wonderful little cheesy comic company that dared to hold a candle next to the glaring search lights of the other two big boys in the sandbox.

The comic book KORG 70,000 B.C. was a personal favorite of mine among the many titles the company put on the stands in the 1970's.  When Fester announced the project I greedily jumped at the chance to volunteer my services for a KORG one pager. When it was finished however we found KORG was still licensed.... bummer! :(

That is when we came up with the idea to do a JONNIE LOVE story.  JL was a frequent guest character in the Charlton romance books.

You can still buy a copy of the Arrow by contacting us here at

Sunday, March 17, 2013


You are exploring a small tropical island with a beautiful woman at your side. Suddenly a big, scary, green plant man jumps outta the bushes and zaps her noggin..... how rude!  The adventure continues back on Zombie Sub-920 where even more shenanigans are taking place.  Captain Walters, and Nurse O'Brien better stop fooling with the flora and fauna of this cuckoo place and skedaddle back to the tub lickitty split!

Hope all you comic lovin' kiddies are enjoying the crap outta these handmade comics of mine :)