Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello there comic book lovin' loonies! Just thought I'd fling a little sumpin'-sumpin' outta my cage for you to feast your peepers on. It's a little bit of nuthin' really just making the most of some down time to, ( as the saying goes ) PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. The people who make the sayings up however don't always get it right, because practice doesn't always make fact sometimes it makes poopies.... but isn't that the point after all? Get rid of all your bad habits, learn from your mistakes and all that jazz? Hurm........................... I guess in that respect it does make perfect, ( EVENTUALLY ) until then I gotta turn out duds like this once in awhile I guess.
Peace out peeps~

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hey groovie guys and gals.... It is me, your long missing master, with yet another punch packing post! I have mentioned many times past how woefully inept I am at all things technological. Well... the story is that many, many eons ago, ( alright it was really like a couple of years ago... okay? ) I purchased myself a WACOM tablet. For those unwashed minions who have no idea of what I speak, let me say simply that a WACOM tablet is a device that allows you to create art modifications with a wired tablet, ( this is the cool part ) right onto your handy-dandy computer screen! Yes... that's right.... whoda thunk it???
Anyhoo... I couldn't figure the darn thing out, and stuck it in a cob-webby corner of my studio, content to plod along in my comfy old fashioned manner with familiar paper and pen. Then a day or so ago... along comes my intrepid Son and decides to impress ol' Dad by hooking up and figuring out this whole WACOM doo-hikey thing-a-ma-jig.
Above you can see a very raw page for my new, SUPER GROOVY MAN comic, that I banged out the other day while waiting for auto service. I have made the command decision to finish this little number, ( not in my tried and true method ) but rather using the aforementioned wonderful WACOM.
I truly have no idea what the result will be, but good, or not so good, I am going to give it my best shot, and I promise dear followers to publish the results here lickity-split. I am pretty excited and intrigued, but judging from my initial forays I gotta say.... I still think the old hand drawn way is faster, and way more fun.
Still I have vowed to put aside my crumedgenly ways, and try sumpthin' new.... who knows what it will lead to?
See you later Crocs and gators~