Friday, June 11, 2010


Hey groovie guys and gals.... It is me, your long missing master, with yet another punch packing post! I have mentioned many times past how woefully inept I am at all things technological. Well... the story is that many, many eons ago, ( alright it was really like a couple of years ago... okay? ) I purchased myself a WACOM tablet. For those unwashed minions who have no idea of what I speak, let me say simply that a WACOM tablet is a device that allows you to create art modifications with a wired tablet, ( this is the cool part ) right onto your handy-dandy computer screen! Yes... that's right.... whoda thunk it???
Anyhoo... I couldn't figure the darn thing out, and stuck it in a cob-webby corner of my studio, content to plod along in my comfy old fashioned manner with familiar paper and pen. Then a day or so ago... along comes my intrepid Son and decides to impress ol' Dad by hooking up and figuring out this whole WACOM doo-hikey thing-a-ma-jig.
Above you can see a very raw page for my new, SUPER GROOVY MAN comic, that I banged out the other day while waiting for auto service. I have made the command decision to finish this little number, ( not in my tried and true method ) but rather using the aforementioned wonderful WACOM.
I truly have no idea what the result will be, but good, or not so good, I am going to give it my best shot, and I promise dear followers to publish the results here lickity-split. I am pretty excited and intrigued, but judging from my initial forays I gotta say.... I still think the old hand drawn way is faster, and way more fun.
Still I have vowed to put aside my crumedgenly ways, and try sumpthin' new.... who knows what it will lead to?
See you later Crocs and gators~


Colin said...

When Michael Mitchell's comics suddenly travel through a Wacom tablet -- what will be the astounding result? Plunk down your shekels and turn the page, techno-fans!

lulu said...

No pains, no gains...................................................................

rogue evolent said...

Your initial results look GREAT! As good as you are, now you're going hi-tech. attaboy Michael!
me, I've still got a rotary cell-phone