Monday, December 29, 2008


Post holiday happies to you all, here is another panel. Hope you dig it. Say... I sure do a bunch of yacking around here about my comics and such, but ya wanna know what occurs to me? Well I'll tell you anyways.... I was figuring that since all you cool kids out there are geeks like me, that you must surely have snagged yourself some geek like treasure over the holidays....right? I sure would like to hear what you got.

My geeky girlfriend, and very bestus buddy got me a boxed set of the graphic novel, MAUS by Art Spieglman. My youngest son got me a DVD copy of MARS ATTACKS, and my oldest boy got me BAT MANGA by Chip Kidd

What did Santa bring you kiddies out there in TV land... Hmmmmm??


Emily Jean said...
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Anonymous said...

I mainly got gift cards this year. I haven't bought anything cool with the gift cards, though. We also got food basket type things.

I like those lurking shadows.

Sharon said...

Hi, Mike, happy 2009!

I too received s slew of gift cards...but also a copy of "Stan's Soapbox Collection." As its name suggests, it's Stan Lee's Soapboxes in collected form. What makes it special is the addition of behind-the-scenes stories, and photos, of Merry Marvel during the '60s and '70s. Very interesting reading...

You have a great blog, btw...and I love your art!

artefactos said...

hey men!, good job!

i from santiago de chile

Mike Mitchell said...

Welcolm all new comers, and you too Jack ( snicker ) just keep your peepers peeled compadre's... the launch of the newest comic is just around the corner!