Saturday, January 24, 2009


Greetings groovy gang members... It's been a long time since I posted, but here I am, still among the dead, and plugging away at the ALL NEW, and outta sight, latest, ( dare I even say ) greatest issue of ZOMBIE BOY ever to hit the comicon circuit. For those of you keeping score... I only have 8 panels to go to completion, ( that's panels NOT pages kiddies ) if all goes according to plan, the official sneeky peeky will be unveiled at none other than the biggest geek bash ever to hit the East coast. That's right fan boys and girls.... the happen-est hoopla of '09... the New York Comiccon!!!

Michelle and I are getting all psyched out to hit the show floor, and geek it out with hundreds of other collectors and fans at this years ultimate pop culture pageant. I will have a precious few advanced copies of the new comic to pass around to friends, and foundlings, and when its all over I will blog photos, and a post-con report of all the dynamite doings from the big apple.

Soon after we return with butt-loads of geek treasure strapped to our backside, I will do the final clean up and scans of my original pages, hit the printer, and prep for the official launching. I am happy to announce that everyone who digs hanging out here can place an order for an absolutely FREE autographed copy. Just my way of saying thanks for supporting me the blog, and zombie boy ( NOTE: One copy per request. Offer only good to bloggers who posted at least once in the year 2008. You must request your copy in writing by leaving a comment on this post. All requests meeting the preceding requirements WILL be honored )

Anyway... Hang loose krazy kitties, and dynamite doggies~ Stay cool, and Oh yeah.... dig this far-out panel above!



Ron Fortier said...

Now that's just too sweet a deal to pass up, Mitch, amigo. I certainly want one of these collector's items.
And hey, while cruising the floor, be on the look out for Comic Related in Postcast Alley...that's where I'll be hanging my hat all weekend, selling comics and pulps. And I'll also be on the Pulp Panel at 4:30 Friday afternoon in room 1 A21.
Hope to see you...but if we don't..I mean with over 65,000 possible attending...ha...have a blast!

Mike Mitchell said...

Hey... classic self-promoting plug work boss ( ha-ha ) Great to hear you'll be among the geek faithful at Comicon '09. We will certainly be keeping our eyeballs open for you. Our good friend Larry, ( of Larry's comics fame ) will be there, not to mention our friends at CAG ( Comic Artists Guild ) and we will also be spending some time hanging with Marvel artist Lee Weeks. It's going to be one Jim dandy of a show, ( see...I can self promote too) and of course,... your free autographed ZOMBIE BOY is in the bag... Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Have a good time at the Con, Mike. I would like one of those free copies of Zombie Boy, too. I will amaze my friends with it. They will be jealous.

Mike Mitchell said...

Jack of course you will have a free, autographed, shiny, new ZB to show your pals! Many thanks for all the terrific comments you have posted here since... well, almost from the very begining! Your rock dude.