Monday, December 08, 2008


Greetings gore-lovers! Here is yet another "sketchy" post from your hard working hatchling. What pre-pubesent, angst filled teen wouldn't appreciate this page of our terror bound teen hero ZB going a round or two with his very own old man. That's right... here we see our thought controlled Ronnie kicking the snot out of his own flesh and blood Daddy. The senior Butler eventually get's the better of Junior by slipping the mind control watch from his wrist, and then the stage is set for retaliation against Dr. Tse and his dungeon of doom. I really didn't expect to have the space to do this page today, but all the stars aligned to make it happen. I really feel good about it too. I am generally not much for fight scenes but, I really think I nailed this one. Only four frightful pages until the initial art is complete. Then comes the finishing, the lettering, the publishing.... hooo.... baby steps, baby steps.

At least I am one step closer, ......and for today that will have to be cool enough.

Chill dogs~

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Anonymous said...

I like the way that guy goes flying in panel two. Then he misses Zombie Boy in the third panel and ZB comes down on him hard. That's good stuff, very dramatic.