Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Greetings o' hoary hosts of holiday hobgoblins!
Ti's I your horrible hombre here to offer up an as yet woefully undigested post-Thanksgiving morsel. The precious pilgrimy feasting was so-ooo fab it kept me away from the drawing board a fortnight or more, and thankfully so. Having some much deserved down time gave me the distance I needed from my new issue to put some sceneage into it's proper perspective. The result is this awesome new page. Well.... that is to say it is going to be awesome, right now it is a minor scribble. In fact... if you kooky kiddies out there can make hide or hair of this frenetic scrap of parchment you got mad skills in the imagination station... know what I mean? No?.... oh well. Enjoy, ....or just sit there and scratch your head.... t-th- that's okay too then.


Anonymous said...

It's sketchy, but it looks good. I especially like the panel with the zombie holding the woman.

Mike Mitchell said...

Tanks Jack-o, yup.... the last panel is intented to be the "killer" splash, so I'm really glad you dig it!