Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Hey gang! Here I am back to show off a snazzy new illo for the Proffessor Stone book. Well....what do you think? I did like about 20 pencil sketches trying different compositions before I finally settled on this one. For some odd reason no matter how I tried to set up the shot I just kept coming up with other layouts that looked a little better. This one I like as it has Stone looking a little more " heroic" than some of the other arrangements I trashed. Another change was moving the Prof.s submirsible seaplane the " MERMAID" to the left of the page instead of on the right where the original sketch showed it. In my mind this sets up a nice viewing triangle.

Artists....Pftt! What a kooky bunch we are....huh?


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Make sure to post this at The Pulp Factory. Things have been a little slow over Christmas and I think this would be a great way to start things off!

Anonymous said...

Mitch!! If I dont say it enough here it is again, I really do appreciate the fantastic work your doing on the book. You've made a fan of me. Zombie Boy rocks too! Drop me a line soon.

Ron Fortier said...

Now that's a fine Christmas present for all of us at the Pulp Factory, amigo.
I love it. Keep em coming.

Megan said...

Intoresting you put mermaid on the side of the Spaceship.
That seems familar.
I should do some sci fi. I like your drawing how simple it could be. A spaceship and a prehistoric world.
I always thought sci fi had to be drawn complicated.

Anonymous said...

Well Megan, as the author of the story I can tell you Mitch did a great job illustrating that scene! The "Mermaid" is a unique craft designed by Prof. Stone, an airplane which can become a seacraft or when the wings detach, a submarine. I cant wait to see how Mitch interprets some of the Professors other inventions and gadgets!

Megan said...

Yes he did a great job, I wonder where mike gets ideas for the gadgets and spaceships too.
I was just thinking out loud on my comment above learning from someone elses drawing seeing possibiltys thats all.
Since I'm an artist also it helps to learn from other artists.
My life isn't that figured out yet and I haven't found my nitche in comic stories but I wouldn't be ready yet for an author to see it.

Mike Mitchell said...

Hey everybody! Thanks a bunch for all your terrific compliments. It's both easy and hard to illustrate for Wayne. It's easy in the sense that he loves and appreciates comics just as much as pulps, and so he writes in a very visual style. I really connect visually to his action scenes which is very cool. The hard part is that his discriptions are so vivid I see every detail in my imagination, and want it to look just perfect on paper. Thats where i can sometimes get a little bogged down. Hopefully the final product is always worth the wait.

Thanks to Wayne, Ron, and Anthony for posting this illo over at the Pulp factory blog, and thanks Megan for being such a regular visitor with interesting comments to share.

By the way Meg's....Nobody's life is " figured out yet " So don't sweat it!

Peace Dawgs....