Friday, October 10, 2008


Looks like our ever-rotting Romeo has gotten himself in a bit of a bind with the local boys in blue.... why, there is just never any knowing what our little fiend will get mixed up in next. Pray to the great pumpkin he finds the straight and narrow soon ~  Hey... and don't forget to check out the comic-con in Portland Sunday.


Emily Jean said...

You know....I draw comics too...They're not as "art-tastic" as yours but eh...Im a Zodiac Fish too! I see your work hanging on my mother's fridge....I am impressed...your skills are masterful. I hear ur good with playdough too.

Mike Mitchell said...

Hey Em~ Thanks, ( not so much ) for outing me as a 42 year old Play-Doh Master...SheeesH! Seriously though,... I appreciate your kind words, and don't ever stop drawing. "art-tastic", or not, anyone who makes their own comics is cool beans in my book.