Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Hey blogger bud's! So sorry for the infrequent posts lately...I'm way too busy enjoying summer. One fun thing I did recently was go to the beach with my Sissy, and her two kiddos! The water was incredible that day and I caught several way cool waves. After my icy dip, I climbed back on shore and sat for a chat with my ittsy bittsy six year old nephew.

"Unka Mike...." he said, "Ummmm was you gunna dwaw sumpin today?"

"Sure buddy !", I said.."You know I always draw wherever I go." Then I pulled out my ever trusty kit.

My little nephew watched intently as I did the BATMAN cover sketch shown here. I know it's barely visible, but I feel it is always fun to see artists raw first impression type sketches once in awhile, so I thought I'd overcome my embarrassment and show it to you guys.

A day or so later My Sissy brings little nephew over for a whole afternoon of drawing lessons. We talked about what he wanted to do, and decided we would spend the day , (each of us) practicing examples from the book oft referred to as the Comicbook artists bible : HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE MARVEL WAY.

Little neph' really spent a good deal of time on his spidy drawing, (shown here w/ inset of actual example from book) and I think for six years old he shows truly amazing potential. Good job buddy.

I just want to take a minute to remind all you artist types from all walks of life, how important it is to share your love of art with children. Giving them this new way of looking at the world will be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Summers been so busy, and fun...but it's soon back to business for us all. I want to dedicate tonight's post to my new friend Michelle, who loves Children...loves Batman, and who also is the biggest Joker I know! Have a safe end of summer trip Michelle, and don't forget to check the blog.


Ron Fortier said...

THE JOKER'S PUPPET! What a great old fashion Batman cover. I love it.
Way to go, Mitch.

Megan said...

Good book to use as the comic drawing bible as you said. Not bad for a first try even I started out like that drawing from that book and I'm older than him.
That's wonderful you showed a little boy the comic world.
Good to show them before theyr'e preteens I tried to with my neighbor but she never wanted to get beyond the bristolboard point but I was like that too once.
That's nice Michelle likes children. I always feel comfortable around speech therapists and ot because they try to understand children beyond what most would.
Yeah safe trip michelle maybe I could meet you sometime because I bet we'd have alot in common. I couldn't joke with you but you'd understand. Need more caring people in the world that want to help others.