Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Okay there is just no way I am going to top yesterdays guys know that don't you? I mean c'mon that sucker took like 30 hours! I'm gonna need at least 24 more to crank out something even half-way as good. ha-ha

Fortunately Ron Fortier sent me a sneek peek at what my illo will look like when it's being passed out as promotional give-aways. Graphic artist Anthony Schiavino did a great job with the text. I thought that since I have been showing you the evolution of this piece from the very first raw pencils, ( see earlier posts ) that it would only be fair to show you the final end use version as well.

Have a great day everybody...I'm going to start working on the inside of the book now....


Ron Fortier said...

You completely shined on this project,
Mitch. Sincerely, it exceeded all our
expectations, and writer Wayne Skiver is
like a kid with a suprise birthday party today. Thanks again for a job superbly

Wayne Skiver said...

I just found your blog Mitch or I would have commented earlier. Of course I emailed you but here it is for the world to see! You did an amazing, stunning job on this! Its an incredible thrill for a writer to see his creation brought to life. Looking at your Kirby tribute I cant stop thinking about a Prof. Stone story drawn Kirby style... hmmmmm
Anyway, count me among your biggest fans!