Saturday, September 02, 2006


HEY ! Look out!..... dem mummies gwanna getchya! Here is the first of several chapter illustrations I'm doing for the Professor Stone paperback novel. Just thought you guys would like to take a gander.

If anybody out there is interested in a little something artwise I got lot's of photocopies I'll soon be just tossing in the recycle paper bin....if you would reather have them for your office, bedroom, or dartboard wall then...send a SASE, (self addressed stamped envelope ) to Mitchell Family Comics, and get a free Zombie sticker, and a little photocopied sketch from yours truly.

Here's the address kiddies:

78 North Road
Fayette, Me


Wayne Skiver said...

I want free things without wasting a stamp! hahaha Just kidding buddy.

Wayne Skiver said...

"dem mummies gwanna getchya!" Snappy dialogue like that and they say i'm the writer? hahaha... That quote so needs to be on a t-shirt!

Kidding aside, This is going to be one eye catching book! Awesome work Mitch!!

Ron Fortier said...

This is a great illustration, Mitch.
And as you can see from the above message, you've not only pleased our
editor (chuckle) but our writer as well.
Keep em coming. And did you see that cool picture of Wayne posted over at the Pulp Factory with our flier all framed on his table for the fans to see.
Mega cool.

Megan said...

I like your Dracula photo Wayne. A good expression of when I'm PMSing.
I like the statue Mike I've always been fascinated with statues. Why's the mummy covering his ears are they chanting to loud or is he having a bad day?