Friday, September 29, 2006


Hello blogger hep cats!...Remember me? Mike the "hermit" Mitchell? Ha-ha, Okay... so's I been keeping it on the down-low just a widdle biddy-bit sue me! I appreciate the concern from all you buddies of mine out there, but I assure you...all is fine and dandy in Retro-land!

My son-of Satan friend, Wayne Judge, wrote recently to insinuate I may even be going through the slip from reality madness that many artists seem to suffer inevitably....( he was teasing me of course....I think? ) unfortunately the real answer is pretty mundane, and far less dramatic.

I have just decided to take a little step back, sort of refine my blog a little...Posting everyday was getting to be more of a chore than a pleasure just now, so I'm trying to tone it down to once a week for awhile. As more and more potential customers log on to the blog to check out my junk, I want to make sure they are getting the best of my stuff, both art and writing wise.

Life is busy for us all sometimes, and you got to flex or you'll snap in two! Never fear ..Oh frenzied fans o' mine...I will be back to posting more frequently sooner or later. You jes wait'n see ifinn I don't !

Meanwhile why not take a good 'Ol gander at this wrist wringing, colossal cross-hatching, titanicly time consuming doodle I did for Wildcat books newest Professor Stone Novel. Whew! I wanna tell you friends...this puppy took a might longer to pump out than I first thunk it would.... I like it though...what do you guys thunk? I mean think?

Oh yeah...a little pesky friend O'mine keeps reminding me to tell you about the Boston show a couple a weeks ago...well, I did sell a bunch of comics...( just not ones I created) the show was more or less the victim of a most perfect day, a sunny end of summer Sunday. It seems the entire city wanted to be anywhere but at the show that day...( including me ) I did toss four long boxes of over-stock from my private stash of 1990's glut on a separate table my pal mal had inside the main auditorium. Miracle of miracles nearly two whole boxes sold to other dealers!

Damn! I knew I shoulda charged more than a quarter a piece for them rotten apples!


Wayne Skiver said...

Tis a lovely mummy strangling scene indeed! And dont worry about the whole "artists and dementia" stereotype, we writers are notorious alchohalics and womanizers....wait, I'm thinking that might be a perk. haha Just kidding buddy my wife wont allow me to be an alchohalic! (insert rimshot here)

Megan said...

Where have you been Mike?
Oh Busy well I admit it's good to take blog breaks and email breaks. I've been computer addicted myself and feel like I can't wait to show people on my blog but you can't rush art.
I like the 1940's look. I have a how to take photos that was published in the fortys.

Mike Mitchell said...

Wayne..I'm an artist and a writer so that means,(acording to your theory)I get to booze it up, chase dames,bark at the moon, and everyone will just expect it right?
Your becoming a bad influence on me Skiver Ol' boy!

Meg's... I would love to see your old timey photo book..I cruised your blog today...some very good stuff don't despair.
Your doing just fine !

Wayne Skiver said...

Am I not the Son of the Tempter? hahaha! You know i'm just kidding you buddy.

Ron Fortier said...

Amigo, you just get better and better.
This gripping (...I couldn't resist..ha)
piece is prime example of that.
Hey, 21 more days until we get together
and attack those unsuspecting Portland fans. Bwahhaha.

Megan said...

I could bring my photo book to comic con to show you no problem.
I wish there were more old photo books like that.
I'm sure theyre around under my nose.