Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I don't know why I do the things I do sometimes....Here I am with a mountain of illo, and comic work starring me right in the face, and what do I do? I go off on a lark and spend 8hrs doing a Kirby Homage....go figure.

It all started when I was working night shift last weekend, and came across a tattered old copy of CAPTAIN AMERICA # 196, ( April 1976 ) I love the old school Kirby stuff immensely, and couldn't resist grabbing a sheet of copy paper, and doing my best to pencil a page after the King of Comics.

This was supposed to be just an exercise to keep my pencil sharp during coffee breaks, but my heart fell into it, and I had to finish what I started. It's been so long since I've done a sequential page that I just couldn't put it down. I stayed up till dawn last night to get it out for you guys, and gals to take a gander at.

Warning!!! Do not try this at home ! Since I started at actual comicbook size, ( something you should never, ever do ) It was extremely tough to get those little details that make every Kirby comic work so well. Ever try drawing an action scene in a two inch square panel? It's a little nerve racking I assure you! Then I had in mind from the start to color it with standard Crayolas...why ?, you might ask.

Coloring with Crayons is fun and soothing, and makes you feel like a kid again Thats nosey people you...ha, ha. Seriously this piece was not supposed to be an in depth study, just something done out of love for the form and the artist who made it great. When I saw the old comic in my locker I remembered when I first started drawing comics as a kid, and back then I colored all my comics with crayons, and so I just had to do it this way.

Well There you have it friends...a little visit from me, and Great Kirbys ghost.


Ron Fortier said...

Nice job, Mitch...but stay FOCUSED!!!
Hear the sound of my, don't look at that Kirby ahead...focus!!
Ron (chuckling)

Mike Mitchell said...

Ron, Alright Amigo...You know us quirky artists types we tend to go off on a tangent, ha-ha...but rest assured the Interior Stone illos are being arranged. And work is progressing there Svengalli, er I mean Mr. Fortier Boss, sir. (chuckling)

Also I like the cool photo...nice touch!

Wayne Skiver said...

Hey Mitch! King Kirby lives! I love it man. Now listen to Ron and get back to work on my book! hahaha (joking)....sort of :)

Megan said...

Don't get off topic sounds like a something a teacher would say.
Is Ron going to whack you with a ruler Mike?
Very funny what Ron and you said. Ha Ha.

Ron Fortier said...

Megan, if all artists were as disciplined about their work as you are,
us poor editors would have such an easy time of it. Alas, is our lot in life to suffer these unfocused talents...sigh.

Mike Mitchell said...

Hey this must be pick on Mitch night...Okay, okay I get the message, put away your crayons and get to work...sheesh what a bunch of party poopers!!! ( ha-ha-ha )
Just kidding guys When you see the stone stuff you'll love it trust me.

Ron Fortier said...

Actually never doubted that for a second, pal. Cannot wait..we are drooling here..what a mess. Ha.