Sunday, September 03, 2006


Oh what a grand life it would be to be nothing more than an artistic little ape, whiling away the hours and days in total artistic pursuit. I often envy those brave souls who sacrifice all for the advancement of artistic virtue! But even a monkey has to earn a few bananas now and then right?

My shift work schedule is affording me little opportunities for drawing this week, yet I am trying to make the most of each moment that allows me a few minutes to push the pencil. I hope you guys and gals enjoy this little pencil sketch, and I hope you enjoy the labor day weekend as well!
While your attending picnics, and parties remember to celebrate a little for me....I'll be caged up in the zoo I call my job, and trying to think of ways to escape. ha-ha !


Megan said...

Ha I like your being in a cage joke. In school I always wanted a dragon to fly me out of there.
I like the idea of simple pencil sketches because sometimes I don't feel in the mood to fill in details in my own sketches.
Anthoromorthpic is fun to draw I like the monkey.
The rainy weather has made it hard for me to draw with the low preasure.

Ron Fortier said...

Very funny, Mitch. Hope you are having a good weekend, despite the dismal weather.