Sunday, July 30, 2006


Hello. Are you between the ages of 8 and 80? If so please stay tuned you may qualify for special savings now available through MITCHELL FAMILY COMICS. Right now we are offering Mitchell Family mini comics at a special discount when purchasing one or more. These fine comics are sure to be a pleasant addition to any small press, or mini-comic collection, and right now they are so affordable you just won't be able to pass on the savings.

Our flagship comic ZOMBIE BOY #1 is regularly available as a mini-comic for $3.50, but if you order soon for our premiere package we'll allow you to choose one of our other mini's at no extra charge! Think about it, that's two amazing Mitchell mini's for the price of only one! But that's not all. Order today and we'll also throw in a dandy ZOMBIE BOY decal, (while supplies last) perfect for lunchboxes, refrigerators, or back to school notebooks. Wait there's more!

Order our FANBOY PACKAGE and receive all four Mitchell mini's, two stickers, and a customized sketch by Mike Mitchell...All for just $10.00! We are so sure you will like these comics we're willing to write you a note that says sorry sucker if your not 100% satisfied.

Still want more, okay how about this? For the low, low price of $19.95 you can now order our special SUPER GROOVY PACKAGE. For a limited time we will send you all our mini-comic's, We will swap the ZOMBIE BOY #1 mini for a FULLSIZE AUTOGRAPHED COPY, and include a nifty ZOMBIE BOY T-shirt in your choice of size and color, plus the stickers ALL for just $19.95!! What are you waiting for? You may never see another offer like this. Order right now while I'm still at the computer.

TO ORDER YOUR MITCHELL MINI COMICS PACKAGE TODAY CONTACT MIKE MITCHELL c/o for security reasons we ask you to place your order through this Email address where a friendly operator will assist you with your purchase.
Have a great day, and thank you for choosing MITCHELL FAMILY COMICS .


Mike Mitchell said...

Yoo-hoo, Michelle, where are-r-r-re you? Your uposta leave a comment here remember? ha-ha-ha

This message brought to you by BLOGGER. Remember folks, try the Blogger comment's not just for smart people anymore.

Megan said...

I have both of those comics. Theyre fun to read. I wouldn't mind buying another Zombie boy comic but I don't know how much they are.