Saturday, July 15, 2006


Hey retro-freaks, and geeks! Your old pal Mitch here with an update to the blog. Yesterday my wife and kid's convinced me to take a much needed break from the drawing board, and we all went to the Ocean for a lovely day of swimming and building sandcastles. But you know me....with my trusty traveling art kit in tow I couldn't resist sitting in my lawn chair surfside and banging out this homage to my good friend and 1970's Hulk artist HERB TRIMPE. Herb was, (in my mind) the consummate Hulk artist, and one of the first illuminati to visit my blog. Now before I get ten-thousand e-mails from fanboys saying this cover is all wrong, I want to say I know that already, and I was just unwinding at the beach and having fun okay? Sheeesh, the nerve of some people! I did the pencil sketch in about 15 minutes, the ink in about 20, and my wife was kind enough to offer to drive home so I could give it the Ol' crayola treatment.

The summer fun continues this weekend with an over-nite fishing trip with my boy's, and back to the beach for some rays again tomorrow. Have you been enjoying these Black and White spot illo's I'm doing for RON FORTIER'S pulp series? I know I sure have. Stay tuned lady's and Gent's the Moonman is coming....He's the main character for this story and the next illo in the series is the big finish, Also be ever watchful.. Sunday-nights show and tell will feature all the silly characters I've been whipping up for MIKE RODEN'S underground hippie comix. And first thing Monday morning the latest Coffee Break post, I promise.

Gotta go see if the big one's are biting!


Ron Fortier said...

Hot dog, Mitch, that HULK cover is just too cool. Totally nostalgic feel to it is perfect. Bravo. But man, when at the beach, you got to relax and smell the salt-spray amigo. Heck, if I took my laptop out by the pool and started writing anything, Val would most likely throw it..and me into the drink. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Hey, very nice Trimpe-esk Hulk cover. I love that Herb. You've been doing some great stuff on your blog. It's good to hear that you are having some fun.