Sunday, July 30, 2006


Hey there Blogger buddies, your favorite workhorse is hard at it again. In a bold unprecedented move I am showing you a work in progress. I need another day or so to finish this piece, but it's just so much fun, and since it is show and tell Sunday, I thought I would let you all have a sneak peek. When it's finished I'll re-edit this post and insert the final version.

I hope to do a whole series of these which I title MOVIES THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. The idea occurred to me when I was looking for some source material for an illo Jim Main suggested of She-creature, and coincidently noticed a nearby photo of the Stooges. Having a passion for mixing horror with humor, I couldn't resist combining the two.

When I was a wee little lad some friends from school and I would hang out on rainy Saturdays and watch old B-movie horror flics on WSBK's CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE. This would occasionally lead to conversations about what would've made the movie better, different actors, different rivals, location, ect. Now I have come up with a short list of lobby cards for MOVIES THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, (and I think you'll get a kick out of them), but I would also like to hear from each of you out there in Blogger-land...what movies would you have liked to seen during the schlock film era? Please let me know, If I use the idea, I will send you the original art.


Ron Fortier said...

Great, fun idea, Mitch. Me, I think of particular actors who should have gotten certain jobs over others. For example, I wish Errol Flynn could have played Zorro just once. Or remember that great
American body builder of the 1960s,
Steve Reeves who made those great Italian movies. Now I would have loved to have seen him as Hercules VS Predator! Now that boggles the mind.

Megan said...

My dad loves the 3 stooges. I do too. I like it when Curly dresses up like a woman.
Are those the 3 stooges?

JTgillespie said...

This is a very MADish idea. You should do this regularly. The Stooges were/are great fun to watch and the near camp quality of old horror movies is a perfect match....kind of like Abbott and Costello meet Dracula and Frankenstein.

Look forward to the final rendition.