Sunday, July 09, 2006


Here is another classic horror illo for a totally different magazine. This portrait of B-movie actor RONDO HATTON was commissioned by Tim Goebel, publisher of MONSTER-A-GO-GO, a truly fun and entertaining read for any monster movie fan. Tim had me do a portrait of TOR JOHNSON recently, which some of you may remember from an earlier post. Mr. Goebel was so pleased with my TOR he just had to have a RONDO as well. I wanted to do something different for this and chose pointilisim. For those of you who don't know pointilisim, or stipple, as it's also referred to, is the process that employs a light pencil outline covered over by layers of millions, (literally ) of tiny dot's placed one at a time by tapping the paper with varying grades of tech pen's. at least that's how I do it. The result gave the piece a real grainy 1940's feel. If your not familiar with RONDO you should know he had a progressive disease similar to giganticism that distorted his facial features, and led to him being cast as goulish villans. This was a real blast to tackle.


Ron Fortier said...

One of the fun things about the ROCKETEER movie was the writers/producers were Rondo fans and wanted to pay him homage in their movie.
They cast a big extra by the name of Tiny Ron and had him made up to look exactly like Rondo Hatton, and he was
the Nazi Spy's (played by Timothy Dalton)scrary stooge. For us old Rondo fans, it was truly an unexepcted treat, in a great movie.

Dembicki said...

Awesome illos, Mike! The Rondo and Colossal Man drawings are wonderful!

Megan said...

I liked the Rocketeer movie too. It reminded me of old Hollywood and I liked the Rocketman guy flying around falling in clouds not as graceful as Superman.
I wonder because of the placement of shadows if Rondo is in the afternoon sun.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that's killer. Nice work my friend!