Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It has been quite awhile since I've visited the coffee break series, but nevertheless, here is page 16. Now I cannot, (in all fairness to the regular visitors) rehash what this whole project is about. Suffice it to say an education on the subject can be easily had by gleaning earlier posts. I had a good bit of fun with this one especially the dialogue between Vlad and the Witch-like shopkeeper. Summer conditions and considerations, both at home, and at work, have slowed this project down considerably, but I am determined to see this personal pet project through till the end. I originally wanted to be done by July 4th, but that was back when I was going to make it a simple 16 pager. Had I kept to my original plan I wouldn't have been too far off, since I finished this page on the 10th of July, but the story as it developed was just to fun to confine to anything less than 24 pages. In fact, I may keep this going till the end of the year and make it a 58 page special...whadaya think fanboys? (and fangirls...which I'm proud to say we have many off) Hmmmmm?


Ron Fortier said...

Yahoo, Coffee Break Comics are back!!
Just made my day, Mitch. And hey, 58 pages of comic goodness is sweet.
Keep em coming,

Megan said...

Maybe I could make up something like a side comic like coffeebreak but called something else because I don't drink coffee.
Mike I've got some more S.A.M pics up on my blog. I wish I could draw as fast as you putting out alot of S.A.M adventures pics every day :).
I might have to skip some pics for awhile because I've got to finish my first comic page just small details.

Colin Tedford said...

Yeah, man, the story's just getting started! You've gotta go at least 24 pages, and I don't think 58 is unreasonable!

Keep up the good work - I've enjoyed reading, and I'm impressed with what you accomplish in an hour.