Friday, July 28, 2006


Yo Dude's and Dudette's, Check out the narly sidewalk surfer I just zapped off to my friend Mike Roden, (see earlier posts) he's AWESOME!!!. I try to throw in something new with every piece I work on. With this I was experimenting with line weight, cross-hatch textures, and marker-wash. I named this piece Stevie De'Gone, after a skateboarding friend of mine from the 70's. Steve wasn't a bad looking young fella, (unlike this ugly mug) but when practicing jumps, his hair would fly back, his eye's would pop out, and his tongue would spit out of his mouth. I composed this poem to accompany the drawing:

Stevie De'Gone, rode his board dusk till dawn,
I thought he would skate till his teeth were all gone!

Now he's not young and brash. He's retired with cash!
Yet he's still somewhat covered with nasty road rash.

The whole Wolverton/Roth look is coming a teensy bit easier to me now, but is still a really big departure from my own stuff, and a total 180 degree shift from the pulp illo's I've been doing for Ron Fortier, (see earlier posts) Oh and Ron, if your reading this...Don't worry, I'll be getting back to Professor Stone and the gang real soon. Ron was nice enough to invite my whole family and I to a pool party at his house last weekend, while relaxing by the pool, I got to know Ron better, and also to meet several independent creators.

But, I digress....I must apologize for leaving my blog un-attended for an entire week. I could make a bunch of really good excuses for my absence, but let's just chalk it up to the distractions of summer.. Shall we? The good news is I will be back at the drawing board for several day's and churning out my usual plethora of pulse-pounding pictorials for your perusal. Stay tuned blogger fan's...The super summer of illo's continues.


JTgillespie said...

This guy's face is disturbing. If you're sourcing Wolverton then you are on the right track. Basil's 'grotesques' always gave me the willies.

The marker wash is looking good. I think the washes you do look really nice and are a strength you should exploit. Push em as far as they'll go.

Megan said...

I have some inking questions Mike but I've asked you alot already.
I like the cartoon up there I want to try out carecatures sometime.

Colin Tedford said...


The poems that go with these are a fine touch, I think.

crazy_8_mike said...

Heya Goob! This guy just made it into my up-coming comix... CRAZY MEN #10! Yer bud, Gome