Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hello Blogger boy's and Girl's... your 'ol pal Uncle Mitchy here to say it was a simply scrumptious day to be up at the lake relaxing with the family. The water was grand, but after about two hours I was feeling a little wrinkly, and decided to take a spot in the shade with my wife by my side, and my trusty art kit in my lap.

What spilled forth during the next 45 minutes was SUPER GROOVY MAN. Who I have decided will be the next star of my COFFEE BREAK COMIC SERIES as soon as I finish up with MONSTER DISCO sometime near summers end.

I think if I were filthy stinking rich I would spend every day relaxing at the beach, going for a nice long swim, followed by a cool stiff drink in the shade, and catching the final ray's of the day whilst pumping out silly comics from the comfort of my surfside lounger...aaaahhhh Now that's what I'm talking about!


Megan said...

Ha I love that groovy man title. It kind of reminds me when I tried to come up with names like Socially Awkward Man, Socially Challenged,To stop art from being lost at staples man, it goes on and on.
Groovy man rock on!
Maybe he can help hippies that would make a neat story.
Does he have a super hippie van and psycolodolic powers?
I wonder what his adventures would be? I can think of lots of ideas for him maybe his secret lair could be a bohemian poetry place.

Ron Fortier said...

What can I say,but..groovy!!

jake said...

Nice drawing! Awesome super groovy man