Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Whoa..... we seem to be traveling backward a weensy bit in the ZB story. Here is another page that falls just behind, ( or is it two pages behind.... haven't quite decided yet ) from the page I showed you early peepers last time. See.... this is just the convoluted way I go about creating my Zombie boy stories. Even I don't know just how, or where, the story is going just yet. I get an idea, like... some bad guy doctor is trying to control ZB's mind, and I sorta run with it for awhile til it takes shape. Meanwhile... I plug in images, and such front and back of the original page until it all starts to gel into a story. Crazy?? .... yes, I know, but that is what happened with the first ZB story, and just look at what a hit that turned out to be! Any-hoo... If you compare this page with the previous post you will see it makes sense... ( sorta ).

I don't know, ( nor does anyone else at this point ) just how the dialouge will all shake out to tie the two pages together, but that is, ( for me anyway ) exactly what lends excitement, and motivation to it. Ya see.... I am as anxious as you oh, residents of geek-land, to find out just what is going to happen next.

Keep your optics open~

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