Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Check it out comicfans !!! I have penciled the cover for my new "coffeebreak comics " project called SUPER GROOVY MAN. I think I am going to do this years comic a little different in that I am going to do all the inking in the studio on the day's when I am not working in the mill. Last year I did the inking on the fly, and even though that comic MONSTER DISCO was a real fun blast to read, nobody ever really bought into it at conventions, because it was so rough looking. ( lesson learned ).

Anyways...another thing about last years comic was that I posted each finished page, and alot of folks said, " Yeah I've already read that on your blog. " ....POOF! no sale. Well this time I am only going to post the pencil pages, and I am going to skip a few here and there so you sneaky little wise guys won't know what your missing untill you fork over some dough and buy a copy. Ha-ha ( another lesson learned )

I am also am thinking about taking my mentor Ron Fortier's advice and really bitting down hard on the bullet to get this one proffesionally printed, and stop jerking around with the copy store print runs. Yeah it's cheap to do my comics that way, but nobody pays much respect to cheap desk top wanna be comics, sure it's got me this far, and thats great, but I am ready for the next step so look out ( third lesson learned )

This concludes our lessons in comicbook self awareness for today...stay tuned for further words of wisdom from me and SUPER GROOVY MAN.


Megan said...

Go supergroovy man. Maybe his super car could run on vegetable oil or sun power. But when he can fly who needs a car?
He's saving on pollution without it but then again he could make pollution of his own, don't eat broculli Mr.Groovy.
Then they'll be clear skys. Ha :).Just Joking.
There's alot of things he could help in the world, If I had a girl charector like that diffrent name diffrent story I could run wild with that.
I could run wild with saving the enivorment and stuff.
If supergroovy man was a show I'd watch it.It would be intoresting to hear him say some groovy sayings like "that person is a drag".Maybe something psychodelic without the hallucinations of a drug,.
Groovy man rock on man!I like the idea of someone a hippie hero.
I'd like to see that story sounds like fun.
P.S I agree some people are so wrapped in how neat it looks one extra line that didn't get erased, makes them not want to look at it.
It's so silly all the rules I feel too business with comics that takes away the fun sometimes.
It almost makes me nervous to get noticed with my own comics because I have to do all these things afterwards just to please others not in making the comic but all the extra boring stuff.
It's hard enough getting the comic to it's complete point,people who don't make comics don't realize the hard work sometimes put into it before it passes inspection.
I'd rather they apperciate the effort just starting out.
I'm not saying you Mike you've been great encouragement or other things.
The people I mean who like rules too the extreme and expect it to look like a comic that is sold in stores without a mistake in them.
Anyway looks great keep going if you want too.

Megan said...

oops I didn't mean to hog the space, here sorry I get carried away sometimes in my speeches.

Ron Fortier said...

Hi Mitch,
Just got back from Florida. Super Groovy Man looks wicked funny. Hey,
you really should hook up with
ComiXpress to get your books done.
Won't cost you and arm and a leg and you'll have professionally printed
product to sell. Check them out on-line. If you'd like, I'll send along the link.