Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Hey cat's and chick's! I thought it was time to do a little tiding up here at the old blog site, and this is one of the post's that is being re-visited, ( for those of you who are paying attention ) I originally posted this as a two part deal where I had my raw pencil post, and the finished ink, but...well, there are other examples of that in the archives, and I just wanted to have a nice flow of more finished pages for new visitors to look at. This page is when I decided to take some of my SGM practice pages, and meld them into a back up feature. I originally thought of a length of about 8 pages, but it now looks more like at least 12. The long haired young man in the lower left is a sort of morphing of me, and my son Brandon at age 13. The character could easily be recognized as eiether of us at that age. Well that's it for now ragamuffins,....Don't fall off your bicycles~


Anonymous said...

I always knew you were a wacko! talented, but a wacko (at least that is what your dad you to say to both of us, we were just wackos).

Neat to check out your blog, it is great to see you doing something with your passion!

The picture thought, what were you thinking!

Your old "best friend" Darryl

Jay Cam said...

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Mike Mitchell said...

Darryl! Holy Smokes! So cool to have you on board this crazy little blog of mine! I hope you found your way over to the archive section so you can see all the art, and pictures I have posted here since last year. I hope you won't be a stranger visiting here now and again, and I hope you know too that watching BATMAN at your house after school when I was 8, and watching you dabble with watercolors, helped give me the inspiriation that maybe I could be an artist, and draw comics some day. Real good to here from you man...and yes, I am still a wacko, Um... but I am guessing that's obvious huh? :-)