Friday, October 19, 2007


Greetings inhabitants of planet Earth.....

Bet you geek-a-zoids thought you wouldn't hear from me for at least another month or so huh? Well... you were all wrong! Here I am....and with the latest page from SGM to boot yet! This little number let's us see just how the two pointy headed pythons from Zenar 7 got here in the first place. It is the classic UFO arrival scene inspired by countless sci-fi movies, and also more recently by a comic selected especially for me by a very good friend.

I'm hoping you dig this little scribble. This was just a test of the inking I wanna do. What I did was, I took a copy of the original pencils, and just went over that with an ordinarry ball point pen while I was at work.

Of course, I still have the original pencil that I will take the time to ink properly later, but this gives ya a pretty fair idea of what it will look like in the end. Ooohhh.... I should also mention that since I was using a ball point, and not my good micron pens, I decided not to even attempt the lettering. If any of you are hard of seeing, an cannot make out the word balloons... you have my deepest apologies.....b'sides, I don't want you should all know everything upfront.

Who will be interested in buying my book then???

Hang loose hip, and hairy ones~


Anonymous said...

This page looks good Mike and that's with a ball point pen. It really evokes that classic flying saucer feeling.

Mike Mitchell said...

Thanks for diggin it Jack-O ! Yeah... I didn't really intend to ink this with an ordinary ballpoint. It was just sort of a slow day at work and I had a photocopy of the pencils with me, and I just thought ...well since I have some time here I'll mess around a little planning my spot blacks for later when I ink it. Next thing I know I'm half-way done, and it's looking pretty cool. I decided to finish it out with the ball point, but I still plan on inking the original pencils properly before production.

For one thing...if I were to leave it this way I would have to do paste-up on my ballons, and that is going to make it look even more cheesy than the ball point.

It's great to know your checking out my site regularly, ( thanks ) Where did the rest of you chatty people fly off to? I had a cast of regulars visiting once upon a time.

Hopefully now that I'm posting regularly again my "peeps" will return :-)