Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Hello all you Cat's and Chicks! Here I is again with my latest humble offering from the pages of SUPER GROOVY MAN. In this page we see the groovy one before he had powers, or skill, or charm, or charisma, or anything closely resembling a personality. He is being confronted by the latest in a series of dates to tell him he is duller than a doorknob. She urges him to read something once in awhile so he has topics to discuss instead of pick-up lines. This urging leads him to Barlows Books where he meets a mystical proprieter, and his destiny is forever altered.
I often will letter a page first, then ink my balloons and caption blocks, then do my characters, then my backgrounds. Not this time however... Nope I am staying true to my promise of keeping a wee little bit of mystery surrounding SGM so I wanted to post this page sans detail, and keep ya hungry for more.
Hope you like this little sneak peek. May the god of all things geeky bless you with boogie beats, and a comicon soon~


Anonymous said...

You teaser you. You got me hungry for more. It's looking good.

Mike Mitchell said...

As my son would say...Oooh, me so naughty~ Glad your digging my stuff dude! More to come soon.