Monday, February 18, 2008


Hey there Creepy cousins.... It is I, your humble horror comix hombre with a special serving of late winter lunacy. I have been buying bucket loads of old horror comics lately at conventions in Boston, and it has influnced me enough to produce this fun little frolic into vampirisim~

The page is a meld of all things wonderful about the genre, The darkened room with creepy figure, the voice of reason crying out to deaf ears, being cast out into the night midst a creepy fog, and the grappling with ones own sanity.... ahhhhh, just gotta love that stuff!

Not to mention of course, that I topped it all off with color! As many of you know I generaly stick to black and white, ( for the most part because it is cheeper to reproduce, and thus, easier to market ) however... this was such a fun and nostalgic page, I just felt it had to have that old school color groove working for it.

Hope you are all looking forward to the soon arival of spring, when all things dead become new again.... even VAMPIRES! ( just foolin )


Anonymous said...

Mike, I'm trying like crazy to catch up with my blog reading. I'm in a hurry right now so I'll just make a quick comment on the art and come back later to read the word part of your blog.

Wow, this page looks great in color! Good one.

Michael said...

Thanks so much Jack, ( I can always count on you to be first responder.... sometimes only responder :-)

I just joined up with CAG ( Comic Artist Guild ) have you ever heard of them?

Anyways... they seem like a pretty focused group, and I am sure I will be posting more about them in the future.

So great to hear from you...

Ron Fortier said...

YOUR BACK!!! I can't believe it, amigo. I'd pretty given you up for a lost cause, this site seeming to gather dust over the past few months.
Got sick to death of logging on and seeing that same old Adam West Batman photog! Ha. And so here you are, with tons of new pages, all looking super. Love the color work a lot. Really shines. So you met Ed Dukeshire of Digital Webbing, huh. Cool guy. As for Steranko, I shared a table with when long ago at a Baltimore show when I was writing Green Hornet. Now there's a character. For a little man, he has a whopping ego. Ha. Anywho, am rambling. Hope all is well with all the Mitchells, and please, keep drawing. Missed your work. It always brightens my days.