Monday, July 06, 2009


And a scoobie-doobie, whap-bop, hello to you faithful followers. I've been shuckin' an jiven' and lay'n down my sticks whenever I get the chance, and lately I was able to kick-out this groovy-hip splash page for my ALL NEW, comic titled: ( dig this now... ) ZOMBIE SUB-920. ..... Rightious, huh?

So just click on with your mouse machine and let that view screen of yours, like ...just EXPLODE , with symphony of far-out retro color funk, that is , ... this page.

Dig it brothers and sisters... the cat is back. Peace baby.
Don't y'all splash now. Children play nice.


joe said...

Good job, Mike! I think the burnt orange sky adds alot to the theme.

Mike Mitchell said...

Thanks Joe! Welcome to the blog! Anybody who loves the 70's as much as you has to dig that burnt orange huh?

Folks... if you haven't already, please check out Joes blog... it's like remembering the good times with an old friend.