Sunday, December 20, 2009


Happy holiday hello-de-do's to you comic-blogger friends. Todays inspired offering gives you a little bit of an idea as to the story flow by way of showing you a tid-bit of text from late in the story. I did some faint pencil outlines, ( and inked a few panels ) last night, but really nailed some lettering, ( around which I will ink up all the images later ) sometimes I letter first, sometimes not, meh.... I know, I know cuckoo huh? Anyway... I gotta give some shout-outs here to Mykal Banta who has been posting some really jive stuff over at his GOLD KEY COMICS blog ( see ma blog roll missys and mistas ) in fact the keyed up king even took a request from yours true blue-ly, an' posted up some undifineable UFO yum-yumms.... check it out! Well I'm just a blabberin, an a yabberin, so it's time for me to shove off, and grab me some badly needed shut eye, but all you cats and crazies be sure sure to have a safe and comic book filled Christmas, and thanks to everyone who is taking an intrest in my humble efforts at cartoon-ery bufoon-ery :)


rogue evolent said...

Not only do I respect your art endeavors Mitchell (the whole indie self-publishing diY mojo), but the fact that you've chosen the genre of SUBMARINES for your Zombies... drawing a story in the tight confines of such a setting and background is sooo - coool.
Still lovin' 'Cutter.'
Merry Christmas from your fan,

Mitchell said...

Hey!.... thanx a heap rougish one :) Merry Christmas to you like-wise. Just you wait... in addition to the regular half human, half zombie crew, and their suspect visitors the monkey-men, ( see earlier post ) I am soon going to add a 4th group to thicken the plot even thicker-er!

Stay tooned !