Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Super sleepy howdy-doos boys and girls... Yer Ol' pardner Mitch is feelin' about ready fer the last round up with a few days of not much sleep under his belt, but fear thee not buck-a-roos! I got me a few days of R&R ahead, and I aim ta doze mah way thru. Today was the first day of rest, and I got myself so dern much of the stuff, I plum slept right thru ta dinner time! Now I'm sittin' up watchin' spiders crawl an goin' BLINK-BLINK-BLINK! I made me sum powerful good use of my time though by scrawlin' these purdy marks on this here scrap a paper. Maybe now I can grab me a few more winks! Adios lil' cowpies, an remember....keep watchin' tha skies!

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Anonymous said...

hellow, i just walked thru the net and found sumtin interestin on yer blog. well i never knew about comicist/comician uploading their mind blowin stuff on a blog. while these very years, i saw only fashion bloggers with their impulsive desires, and then I finally found you. a decent blogger who talk about things on the past (1976ish) and create sumtin that is surreal. keep up the good werk.