Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey there Cats and Creeps! It is I your woebegone wondermaker. It seems it has been ages since I have posted a page worthy pusstule for you to puruse. At long last the solace has ended dear fiends. Before you is now displayed a dazzeling dapple of drama that in due time shall unfold itself into a veritable feast for the senses. TRANSLATION: It's a little scribbily scrawble that don't look like much now.... but just hold on there hommbres'. It's gunna be DYNAMITE! Truth be told the tortureous tides of winter have brought my comic chops to a grinding halt, but behold.... now as the sumptueous rays of spring appear I am renewed with great inspiration. Sheesh.... I better hang it up with the blabbity-blab before I make even me wanna heave :( Anyways... I did a little drawing gang, so I hopes ya all dig it dreamy like.

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