Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey there, Ho there, blogging boys and girls. It has been an interesting month of May as the rain just hasn't let up, and BLOGGER has gone bersurko! I don't know about you folks but I was locked outta my own blog site for nigh onto three weeks, and I heard tell of worse by other bloggin buddies. Pffft! technology..... what can you expect right?

Well over here at MITCHELL STUDIOS we celebrate everything lo-tech... as one can plainly see by taking a groovy gander at my drawing table. This snap shot is actually from MS studios SOUTH. The scene at MS studios NORTH is even more untidy and revolting :)

Even the smallest sideways glance will show that I am really pulling out all the stops on this story for the creepy folks at BLOKES TERRIBLE TOMB OF TERROR. All the old school pen and ink techniques are employed here, crosshatch, wash, and stippling, it has all landed on these pages.... not to mention the table tops, walls and chairs...YEECH!

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